Introducing Qualified CoFounders

We believe business is a team sport. Our members really get to know each other.

Because CoFoundersBridge serves as the bridge, the platform, the environment amongst pre-qualified CoFounders in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's to meet, develop trusting relationships, confidentially compare notes, bounce ideas off each other, seek wisdom and energy, and perhaps co-found their next venture(s).

No potential member is either seeking a job, or seeking to raise money from the other members.

To insure selectivity, 100% of existing members need to agree on each new member (only 75% of the existing members are needed to remove a member).

Some of us meet monthly at convenient locations, others are available for phone and conference calls.

Our older members benefit learning the potential impact of new technologies, and our younger members benefit avoiding mistakes and leveraging our rolodexes.

Our focus encourages the co-founding of pre-business-plan, pre-valuation startups and/or orphaned opportunities (also known as carve-outs from existing entities) amongst our members.

Current CEOs burdened with a limited-shelf-life orphaned opportunity, serial entrepreneurs interested in getting their bearings after their most recent exit, and younger entrepreneurs testing the assumptions of a potential business model are our members.

We are not an angel investment group, rather a co-founders club, run by our members.

Existing members want new qualified members in order for each of our members to help understand, wisely design, and accelerate go-to-market advantages in greater and more diverse business opportunities.

Please help us keep the un-or-under-engaged entrepreneur off the street, out of their spouse's hair, and creating new jobs. Contact us at We truly seek to create win/win/wins.

Why We're Special

Through we have access to 900+ CEOs each year running businesses $10million - $16billion, in a wide variety of industries, from New York through Northern Virginia. These CEOs can help mold an idea, accelerate revenue and profits, enhance valuations, and make funding easier. We will only approach a specific CEO with a substantial win/win/win proposition, cause we don't want their first impression becoming their last.

Informally we began arranging introductions and small group meetings in 2008, creating relationships which have resulted in the formation of entities.

Through our evolution we've adopted Three Rules:

  1. Whoever brings the idea controls it
  2. Other members may or may not be involved, controlled by the originator of the idea
  3. Participation is on simple pari-pasu formula, no stepped-up investor valuations

John Vairo (and his partner/close friend Sid Amster) exited their software development and consulting business in 1999 to a public company, Herb Cohen exited 800-THE-PROS, co-founded the Pennsylvania Private Investors Group, QuiqMeds and Temple University's Entrepreneurial Center… and met John (and Sid) through their involvement as adjunct M.B.A. professors at Temple. Sid continues to teach, even though John and Herb have tried to drag Sid into a mentoring group with PhillyStartupLeaders.

CoFounders Bridge is designed to gather like-minded serious entrepreneurs in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's from Princeton NJ through Greater Philadelphia through Northern Virginia (following the footprint of, the #1 business radio show in these regions – which has interviewed in excess of 4,000 CEOs running businesses $10million - $16billion).

Members are not looking for a job, or money. They seek a safe haven to compare notes, without fear of idea-theft. Established entrepreneurs learn from young entrepreneurs, and visa versa. New businesses have been created, including,, EmergingStrategies Group, etc.

The process works, and CoFoundersBridge continues to evolve to including occasional social engagements including spouses and families. If you're qualified, please join and help us figure out what we'll be as we grow up! We think we're a special place for the serial entrepreneur to land between launches to get his or her bearings on where opportunities may lie. And where entrepreneurs join to gain perspective on their existing business models and issues.

Special Benefits & Rules

The benefits of involvement include the following:

  • A chance to meet other experienced entrepreneurs, CEO's, and company presidents to explore new business ideas and ventures.
  • Access to people from diverse backgrounds with other business perspectives and core areas of expertise.
  • Access to high quality young entrepreneurs with new ideas, business offerings/services that may impact your current business or offer new opportunities. Staying up to date with new technologies and business trends.

Some of us gather monthly around various conference tables in Greater Philadelphia to develop our relationships, confidentially compare notes, and seek wisdom and energy to help us individually start and build our ventures. Others are only available by phone. Frankly, we're not into process… rather continually evolving our environment to help entrepreneurs get their bearings after an exit, test the assumptions of a new potential business model, or find help with an existing emerging business model or operation.

We are this region's "entrepreneurial think-tank." Some members bring their ideas gathered from thinking in the shower, reading the newspaper or identified through a prior business opportunity. Some members simply bring their wantingness to be involved in another launch.

Contact Us

For more information or to become a member, please contact us at

Contact Us

For more information or to become a member, please contact us at Membership@